Citi and our Restructure…A Rant!

Posted: April 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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How is it possible that one of the largest companies for mortgages screws things up so friggin royally? Or rather that they are so out of touch with their customers that they actually cause more stress than they help resolve?  How does that work???

Our restructure has been underway now for about a month, and during that time we’ve spoken to our counselor all of 2 (yes everyone TWO) times and that’s only because we reached out to the mother trucker to see where we were…we sent in the required documents directly to his email address – did he respond to affirm they were rec’d? NOPE! Did he respond to let us  know that they went to the WRONG email address? NOPE!  We had to call this arsehole and ask if they had 1) been rec’d, which they hadn’t, and 2) why they weren’t rec’d – well because they went to the wrong email address…we finally got the right one, which wasn’t on the paperwork they sent us, roughly two weeks AFTER we’d sent the paperwork in…WTF?!?  So then on Friday we rec’d two letters back to back, one said that they couldn’t approve our restructure because they did’t receive the paperwork, and then the other one rec’d the same day, stated that they had rec’d our paperwork and that it would take about a month from the date of the letter to complete our paperwork and restructure, which was April 8th…um HELLO right hand not talking to left…really?!?!

It wouldn’t be that bad, more like frustrating as is IF and ONLY IF their collections department wasn’t still calling us to try and collect on the $5,000 odd dollars we’re back due on…we tell them we’re in the middle of a restructure and they tell us their system doesn’t tell them that…HOLY FRIGGIN CROW are you serious??!?!?!  WOW it’s no wonder the governments bailed out so many of these big companies, no one and I mean no one communicates and their systems don’t talk to each other so no one has any real clue what’s going on inside their own four walls…what in the world?? It’s extremely frustrating – I’ve had to have Jimmy follow-up with this yahoo every week to find out where we’re at – this same yahoo who is supposed to call us at LEAST once a week to check in and see if WE have any questions/concerns…

Oy if I could switch mortgage companies like I switch shampoo brands I’d be happy as a damn clam!

Right now we’re about 3.5 weeks away from that 4 week window the letter mentioned…let’s hope our sanity holds out and we can get through that time frame!


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