Budget Week Ending 03.31.13…and Other Notes

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Budgets
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We’ll start off this week with other notes…

1.  I brought home the ‘piggy bank’ from work the other day to empty it, as it was pretty much full and to capacity – unable to take anything else being added…after counting it all up I found that I had managed to save…drumroll please…$44.00 and some change, WHAT??!! Holy Friggin Crow is that possible!?!? All in about 6 Weeks time putting the left over coins and cash from our weekly cash withdrawals in this piggy bank!!! I am amazed and thrilled all at the same time.  So I’ve tucked that money into a hiding place in our home for safe keeping.

2.  We went down to the dealership of choice yesterday morning, and after some turning around on the roads and getting lost twice (this happens frequently when I venture somewhere new), talked with a very nice gentleman there who has 30+ yrs experience and was able to give us the nitty gritty, with our payoff being roughly $4900 on the Ford Focus and if we want to keep our payment about where we are now, $336.98 or lower we have to get into something that is about $15,000 or less – and with that being the case he’s given us two options; Option 1 is a 2008 Kia Sorento with about 68K miles on it, black, sleek, beautiful!  Option 2 is a 2008 Chevy HHR, and Fire Engine RED! LOL!!! It’s nice, right along the same lines of our Pontiac Vibe we had many many moons ago…the automated finance approval system generated a ‘Call to Speak with an Advisor’ so this gentleman needs to call either tomorrow or Tuesday to speak with someone about a possible loan for us, crossing our fingers we hear something tomorrow, I’m not sure I can wait until Tuesday! BUT this does give me time to get insurance quotes from State Farm, so it’ll work out in the end…I hope! It wasn’t a No, but a Maybe! I am holding onto that!

Ok so with that being said, here’s this weeks budget:

 $2,557.00 Federal Tax Refund  $613.78 Lara W/E 03/24/13 Salary
 $685.00 State Tax Refund  $305.58 Jimmy W/E 03/24/13 Salary
 $3,242.00  $919.36
 $16.56 Wal-Mart  $2,321.32 Avail. In Checking
 $25.75 Fandango.com  $1,379.66 Avail of Refund
 $22.43 Wal-Mart  $941.66 Avail for Bills
 $38.52 Clothes Mento
 $4.07 Harris Teeter
 $3.99 Amazon.com (Book Over)
 $9.99 Dunkin Donuts
 $7.60 PCJ
 $250.00 Citi Withdrawal
 $360.00 Credit Accepance Withdrawal
 $1,379.66 Remaining of Refund


And first with the line item break down:

 $20.00 DB Plumbing
 $76.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $5.00 CCA, Auto-Draft 04/01
 $5.00 LCA, Auto Draft 04/03/13
 $48.00 Great Lakes, Auto Draft 04/03/13
 $80.00 CFPUA
 $75.00 Progress Energy
 $170.00 Groceries
 $30.00 Gas
 $25.00 Dinner 3/29
 $25.00 Jimmy’s Cash
 $25.00  Cat & Dog Food


And with the Bulk Cash Withdrawal

 $20.00 DB Plumbing
 $76.00 Brigades Boys & Girls Club
 $5.00 OT Solutions
 $5.00 CCA, Auto-Draft 04/01
 $5.00 LCA, Auto Draft 04/03/13
 $48.00 Great Lakes, Auto Draft 04/03/13
 $80.00 CFPUA
 $75.00 Progress Energy
 $280.00 Cash for Week
 $500.00 Down Payment for Car
 $352.66 Cash for Bills Week Ending 04/07/13
 $874.66 Remaining of Refund


So there’s that…we’ve discussed it and if need be we can put more down on the car, we haven’t divulged that to the dealership quite yet, and then we’ll save our money a little each week to purchase the new furniture we need for the living room…we’ve decided that the cap will be $750.00, so we’ll see!

That’s all she wrote for this week!


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