Not Entirely Sure Which Blog This Should Go In…so It Goes here

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

There’s dissention in the ranks – that’s a military term used to describe unhappy soldiers among a unit – well that dissention starts with me here at work…while I won’t go into specifics as it might give away more than I am comfortable discussing in an open forum – I will say this, my job is very bland, it’s basic data entry with some back-end audit work done from time to time; it’s tracking and billing – nothing fancy, not difficult, but when communication breaks down my job falls to crap! When someone doesn’t inform me of an update my boss looks to me like ‘why didn’t you do this update?’ and if I tell her that it’s because the SM didn’t communicate it to me, she says that they need to communicate better with me…well DUH stupid I could have told you that! WOW Amazing how communication helps move pieces together in the work place…BUT BUT there’s a whole other layer to this – once I do my part of the update it goes to my counterpart with the client who is then supposed to do the same update in their system – if she tells me she’s done the update but then FAILS to do said update it comes back to ME! WTF???

I am somehow supposed to track these updates and make sure she’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing – she sends the workflow back to me stating it’s been completed, I approve it and bam we’re done…but then when my group does their audit roughly 30-days later and we find that she hasn’t done the update my boss looks to me and asks me why I didn’t follow-up with her to make sure it was done…um that’s what the workflow process is for?!?!?!

WTF?!?! So I am thinking it’s come to that time where me and my company part ways before my reputation is shot entirely to shit and my life goes to hell in a hand basket and my sanity goes floating down shits creek. I am teetering, truly truly teetering. So I believe it’s time to ramp up the publishing career track and get that back in process so I can leave this industry and swap to one where my heart truly lies…

Backstabbing and Offloading responsibilities belongs with Politicians – something I am not and it’s not a game I am willing to play ‘Not Me’ doesn’t live in my house, I am a firm believer in taking responsibility for ones actions – and to see 7 grown ass adults who aren’t willing to take responsibility for their failures just rubs me the wrong way…a no nonsense approach to work is the best way to keep people happy…and my boss is failing everyone by not keeping this motto alive!

So off we go to do some more research and begin reaching out to publishers/scouts/agents in the field to begin the process of making the transition over to Publishing…it’s time.


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