While the Budget is Pending…a Rant.

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Finance Companies
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Two Words: Credit Acceptance

Those who own cars and finance them know this story all too well – you get behind, even if just a day or two, and your finance company HOUNDS you to the near point of harassment – it’s sick it truly truly is sick – I am well aware I am behind, if I’ve done my math right, I add my monthly payment ($336.96) to the past due balance ($669.34) our total due is $1,006.30, that’s roughly $250.00/week for the next 4 weeks until our next payment is due – I know this, and we’re doing our very best to catch up and make these payments – if I want to buy a new vehicle next month this is a necessity!

So then someone please tell me WHY they have their automated calling service set-up in such a way that it’ll continue to call you until you’ve either made a payment (usually for the full past due amount) or you’ve made some sort of payment arrangement with them – because I do my budgets on Fridays and payments are done bi-weekly I won’t know from this week to the next two weeks what I’ll be paying them and when until I’ve seen our paychecks (as they vary depending on the number of hours my husband and I both work, it’ll fluctuate week-to-week) and yes I’ve told them this numerous times – tried telling them they’ll get $XXX.XX a week for the duration of the loan or until I traded it in whichever came first – BUT because they can only do up to three weeks out at a time, once that three weeks is up, BAM my phone is blowing up once again…

So that’s where I’m at right now – in the last week they’ve called 14 times, sometimes up to 6 times a DAY generally starting at exactly 8am and going until abt 8:45 at night – if I don’t pick up my cell phone (which I won’t do while at work, not going to jeopardize my job to talk to them) they’ll then call the house number – so then take that 14 times to my cell phone ALONE and multiply it by 2  = 28 times in 7 days, that averages to 4 calls a day – um harassment much?!?!?! Am I the only one who feels this way???

Lesson Learned: Don’t give actual number to finance company unless you want to  be harassed!


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