Tax Time, 2013

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Budgets

Oh boy this is the one time of year we look forward to the most, tax time – thanks to my wonderful Dad our taxes get filed for us each year and we don’t have to go through the hassle to making an appt. somewhere to have them done all the while worry about the kids being occupied.  We send him the documents required and he files everything via TurboTax and then we wait! It’s been that way for the last, God I can’t even remember.

With that being the case, our taxes for 2012 have been filed and we are waiting for our refunds now, and while waiting I have done a mock-up Budget for the breakdown so we know where our monies will need to go along with where we want them to go, we usually have spent the whole of the refunds by the end of April, so this is not a surprise:

Federal Refund $ 2,557.00 Paychecks In-Comings Mar-Apr
State $ 685.00 Lara $3,579.03 $447.38 * 8 Weeks
$ 3,242.00 Jimmy $1,969.74 $246.22 * 8 Weeks
Total Incoming $ 8,833.07
Bills To Be Paid:
Car Past Due: $ 695.30
CitiMortgage $ 2,589.00
$ 3,284.30
Wish List:
New Bed for Ashley $250.00
Jean for Lara $75.00
Furniture & Access for Living Room $900.00
Haircut for Lara $40.00
Down Payment on New Car $500.00
Utilities/General to be Paid:
APM (Austin TKD) $178.00
AT&T $250.00
Blockbuster $42.78
Brigade Boys & Girls Club $560.00
CCA $20.00
CFPUA $295.00
DB Plumbing $160.00
Gas $280.00
Groceries $1,360.00 $15.98
LCA $40.00
L-Student Loans $86.00
OT Solutions $40.00
Progress Energy $300.00
State Farm $130.40
Total Outgoing $8,807.46
Remaining $25.61

I certainly hope this pans out as we expect!


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