Traffic Court…

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Had to go to traffic court this morning for my inspection/registration ticket – thankfully New Hanover County has this process down to a friggin science I swear!

They line you up on two sides of the courtroom, A-K on one side an L-Z on the other according to your last name – they then use a clerk to collect your citation and then you talk to an Assistant District Attorney who then decides if your case is going to either be dismissed, head over to traffic school (for speeders), implement a fine, or pass on your request to speak to the judge, my case it was dismissed – on the whole the process moves quickly, for which I am eternally grateful every time I have to go (and yes with my piss poor driving habits it had been frequent, but has backed off – now it seems I only end up going for this same reason just about every year).  Today I was in and out of the court room in less than 15 minutes – yes 15 minutes – and I still had time to get over to my favorite coffee shop and get me a Latte and some Coffee Cake before heading into work, and all in all I was only an hour late to work.  Not too shabby!!

Here’s hoping next year I don’t run into this issue because whatever vehicle we purchase won’t require a ton of cash in repairs prior to the inspection!


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