This Probably Shouldn’t Bug Me But It Does…

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

My boss, a seemingly nice person who takes zero responsibility for anything negative happening in our division, and all the credit for everything good that happens in our division, just recently, and I only know this due to observations, purchased a Brand New Macked-Out Mercedes Sedan – 4-Door, Tinted Windows, Nice Chrome Rims, the Works…with what I am guessing to be her annual bonus.  I know this is recent because just last month she didn’t have this vehicle, but she had the same Silver Volvo shes had since I started working here near three years ago…yet to see her driving off yesterday in this brand new car just irritated me.  Not entirely sure why it did, but it did nonetheless…

It’s been said between myself and another woman I work with that she refuses to put as permanent employees (yes I am still listed as a ‘temp’ employee after near three years, this other woman it’s been almost four years) with benefits and paid time off because she wants to keep her overhead CV low so she can continue to draw a large annual bonus – this was not based in fact – that was until yesterday – it was confirmed…while I am somewhat sure she’s “earned” her place as our division Director, I am not sure she’s right in keeping us as ‘temp’ employees while she continues to draw an overly large bonus each year.

I know that new car of hers has to be somewhere around $45,000 – $50,000, HAS to be! And I wonder where my benefits are going…um yeah there they go in her brand new toy!

Lesson Learned: NEVER take the Word of a Two Faced Spoiled Brat! **yes I am irritated and bitter**


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